5 Ways the Foreclosure of Your Dyer House Will Impact You

Foreclosure occurs when agreed-upon payments for a mortgage loan are not made in a timely and regular manner for whatever reason. The reasons for this can be as varied as the number of homes in Dyer, ranging from the untimely death of a contributing family member to an unforeseen loss of income or a variety of other factors. Naturally, it’s best to move quickly with the lender before things get to this point, as you’ll be given many notifications and options to avoid legal action at this point.

As a result of the events leading up to the foreclosure, you’ve probably already had multiple late or missed payments on your credit history, and you’ve already began to feel the negative impacts of a low credit score. As your lender’s interactions have grown, coming up to the last point of foreclosure, you may be experiencing sleepless nights.

Ways the Foreclosure of Your Dyer House Will Impact You

Our imaginations are sometimes far worse than reality, so take heart: others have survived foreclosure, and you can too by understanding what you’re up against and knowing that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Taking a realistic assessment can help to put your mind at ease. Whatever brought you to this point, we’ll go over five ways that the foreclosure of your Dyer home will affect you.


Lenders are hesitant to take on the risk of dealing with a borrower having such a history. These financial penalties will last for seven years, or as long as the foreclosure remains on your credit report. When lenders look at the details of your credit score, the foreclosure of your Dyer home will either result in extraordinarily high interest rates or a complete rejection of credit.

Because it is difficult to subsist without credit, life will become even more expensive as a result of this persistent negative effect. Unfortunately, the higher your credit score is, the greater the impact of a foreclosure on your new score. Typically, timely payments over a three-year period can cleanse your credit history of the foreclosure.

Fees and Deficiency Payments

The financial consequences of court fines and any deficiency resulting from the foreclosure of your Dyer home will last until the debt is paid off. You are liable for paying court expenses if you go through the foreclosure process in court. You will also repay the deficit, which is the difference between the price realized for the property and any residual debt owed to the mortgage lender.


Lenders generally accept lower appraisal values and offers for foreclosures when they are sold at auction. You’ll probably owe fines on top of the missed payments, and the proceeds will cover it all. Any equity you’ve built up over the years is likely to be wiped away by fees and penalties, as well as a poor sale price. Everything you’ve built is thrown out the window during a foreclosure sale. The loss of your Dyer property and your equity as a result of foreclosure will affect you in retirement by depleting what could have been a considerable contribution to your golden nest egg.


When you’re already dealing with changes in your life as a result of whatever triggered the foreclosure, the foreclosure becomes a looming nightmare. When you’re emotionally connected, it’s difficult to remember that everything else is just business. Losing your house in Dyer and the equity you’ve built, as well as facing court and all of the costs that come with it, can have severe psychological consequences for you and your family. One of the most severe ways the foreclosure of your Dyer house will touch you is the stress of not knowing when the bank will evict you and where you will go.

Standard of Living

Concerns about your standard of living now that your foreclosure history has been following you for years are understandable. Life has grown even more expensive as a result of the foreclosure. Those who have had a previous foreclosure are subject to certain restrictions. A foreclosure red flag on applications that require you to conduct a credit history search might set off a downward spiral in areas of your life such as the home you can locate and higher-paying work chances. The employment you accept and the region you live in can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your daily life, and this is another way in which the foreclosure of your Dyer home will affect you.

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