How To Choose The Right Neighborhood For Your Indianapolis Investment Property

How To Choose The Right Neighborhood

How To Choose The Right Neighborhood

Ready to purchase in the Indianapolis area an investment property? The property’s location will have a huge impact on what kinds of profits you can achieve. Learn how to select the right neighborhood for your Indianapolis investment property in our latest post.

It is important to consider more than your opinion of the area when deciding where to buy. While you want the neighborhood, it must also be a hit with potential renters. By putting your feet on the ground and exploring the neighborhood for yourself, some of this can be judged. You’ll need to look at the numbers for other things. Have a look at our tips to choose the right neighborhood for your investment property in Indianapolis.


What is the rental market looking like at the moment? Are there a lot of rentable homes available? If so, it will tell you that the demand for your property is low, and you may have trouble finding tenants. Ideally, in a high – demand area you’ll want to have a property. You should have to compete with few, well – priced rentals or market listings. Having the right property in a high – demand area will surely yield profits over the coming years.

School District

Even without children, living in a neighborhood with a good school district will help ensure that you are in a neighborhood of quality. There are many ways to see how schools are ranked in your purchasing area. Great Schools is an excellent resource based on a number of factors that offers rankings. It’s a great way to get a quick snapshot of your area’s schools.

Job Market

The area in which you buy your investment property should have a strong job market with even more growth on the horizon. This ensures that you can find a long-term and well-paid job for your tenants. If you want to receive your rent payment every month, critical things! To gain a better understanding of employment in your area, you can check with the local Chamber of Commerce, local classifieds, and the U.S. Jobs Report.


There should be a convenient location for the property. In a place that is easy to reach, you will attract many more prospective tenants and/or buyers than you will in a remote location. All great things to have nearby are shops, restaurants and access to major roads. Walkability is an enormous factor and can increase your property’s response. A property with many things in the area will be much more in demand than a house located in the middle of nowhere.

Public Transportation

More and more people choose to get around by relying on public transport. Make sure your property is in close proximity if there are viable options within your city. Many renters will be looking for houses specifically with easy access to public transportation, especially those of younger generations. Whether it be a train, subway, or bus-line, being able to get around without a car is becoming more and more appealing.


You’re going to want to buy a property with a great neighborhood and plenty to do. Great parks, sidewalks and other amenities should be available to make people want to be there. Stop chatting with neighbors you see out and about, if possible. Of course, you don’t want to bother anyone, but if you’re able to get the low down from a local, you’ll be more likely to find a great property in a great location. You’ll also get a sense of what your neighbors might be like. Some people like a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, while others prefer a quieter, more private space.

Crime Rates

No one wants to live in an area of high crime. While in these areas you are likely to be able to find affordable properties, you are not as likely to find buyers or tenants who want to live there. Check out the crime rates for your neighborhood using sites like Crime Reports and Neighborhood Scout can give you a good idea of what to expect in your area.

Future Development

Do as much as you can before buying to understand what future development will look like in your area. New homes and businesses will affect the values of the property and the amounts that you can charge on the rent. Check with your town and county to find out more about your area’s development plans. Buying in and out of the city is a great way to secure a high return on your investment. You’ll be able to find the property that’s right for you by understanding what’s coming.

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