Questions To Ask When Buying A House Sight Unseen In Indianapolis

Making an Offer Without Seeing the Property

Making an Offer Without Seeing the Property


Are you thinking about buying a house without seeing it first? In our latest post, we offer some questions to ask when buying a house sight unseen in Indianapolis.

It may sound completely crazy to buy a house without first seeing it. There are certainly some great advantages, however, as long as you ask the right questions. For starters, you’re going to be able to lock up a house quickly while others are still making shows appointments. Knowing how to purchase a house without first seeing it will enable you to invest anywhere in the country, Or the world, too! Asking the right questions will minimize your risk and give you unseen confidence to buy the house sight! Below are a few tips and questions to ask in the Indianapolis area when you buy a house sight unseen!

Choosing The Right Inspector

If you do not see the house personally, your decision to buy or not will probably be heavily influenced by what you are told by the inspection report. It is important that an inspector you trust is performing an accurate and professional inspection. Request references, experience, and education. Make sure you know what they can inspect and what a specialist may need to do. You don’t want to find out on the road that never looked at a critical element of the property.

Have Contingencies

It is important to include an inspection clause in your offer when making an offer to buy a house sight unseen. This will give you the ability to return from the sale if the inspector’s report returns with many issues that need to be addressed. You don’t want to be engaged in buying a property that will ultimately cost you thousands more to fix than you originally expected.

Hire A Scout

Find someone you can trust in the area. You can hire someone to view the home and report their findings back. They can tell you more about the home and the neighborhood than simply relying on Google Maps and what the inspector has to say. Record videos from your scout and take pictures of the house, the property, the street it’s on, and the neighborhood. Make sure it is someone whose opinion you can trust but who won’t go out and try to buy the property out from underneath you.

Ask About Schools

Whether or not you have children going to school is the community, an area can often be judged by the quality of the school district it’s in.Look for districts that are highly rated, award-winning. These areas will have more interested tenants and buyers and will help ensure a good neighborhood for your investment property. Great Schools is an excellent resource in the areas you want to buy to check out the school rankings. You can get a quick and precise snapshot of the school quality in your area.

Ask About The Local Economy

Learn about the local labor market and the area’s growth plans. If you want your tenants to be able to find profitable employment, it is important to have a strong market, allowing them to pay you rent every month! A community with a strong job market will attract more tenants and buyers, ultimately making renting or selling the property easier when the time is right.

Ask For A Floorplan And Additional Photos

If you choose to buy a house sight unseen in [ market city ], you’ll want to make sure you have a property floor plan to scale. To get a real idea of what the house is like, you’ll want to get the most accurate sense of the layout as possible. Additionally, request additional property photos, not just images used in the listing. It can often be doctored to list photos, making spaces appear larger than they actually are. To get a true sense of what you’re buying, you’re going to want some candy photos that cover multiple room angles.

Don’t Forget The Yard

Even if the house checks out all right, you’ll still want to know what you’re working with as far as the yard is concerned. Is there any stumps to remove? Foundations that need to be dealt with from old structures? Large tree roots that over time can cause structural problems with your house? In the yard there are a number of things that can affect the home’s value. Do not forget to see what’s outside when you ask for photos and videos. Knowing the ground where your property is located will give you a better sense of the home’s potential.

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