Selling Your House in Hobart How to Handle Bad Neighbors

The Neighbor With the Overgrown Yard

The overgrown, unkempt yard is probably the most popular form of bad neighbor that hurts your chances of selling your house in Hobart. Tall grass, overgrown beds, and untrimmed shrubs are all eyesores that can draw pests and turn buyers away. Naturally, prospective buyers would believe that if the neighbor’s yard is like this now, it will be like this in the future.

For selling your house in Hobart in this situation, here’s what industry pros recommend . . .

First, try “and have a nice chat about their lawn with them… You might also pay for a lawn service to keep your yard trimmed when your house is on the market… While it does not seem to be fair, it may discourage potential buyers from searching elsewhere. If they’re low on cash, inquire if they have an older child (who could mow the lawn) and offer to give the child a gift card if they can look after the yard… If those solutions don’t work, he recommends contacting the homeowner’s association or local municipality to fix any alleged code violations.”

You may also seek advice from your Hobart about how to deal with this sort of neighbor. It’s a scenario your agent has definitely experienced before. Call (708) 480-1439 to learn more.

Selling Your House in Hobart

The Neighbor With the Ugly/Run-Down Home

Then there’s the unattractive, run-down house next door (s). When there’s one of these next door or nearby, selling your house in Hobart can be challenging because anything you’ve done to increase your home’s curb appeal will be negated by the run-down house.

While rage may be your first reaction, bear in mind that there are multiple extenuating circumstances. This neighbor, for example, could be suffering from a medical condition such as heart disease or depression, or he or she could have fallen on hard times economically (which is definitely possible today). So your next-door neighbor may sincerely want to keep her house in good repair but is unable to do so.

So one thing you can do is clearly offer your assistance as a good neighbor. This communicates that you care about the neighborhood’s appearance as much as your neighbor and that you are on her side. Confrontation that is violent is almost always unsuccessful.

In order to close a deal, some sellers have gone so far as to agree to share the cost of required repairs to a neighbor’s home. It’s truly a win-win situation. Contact a Hobart agent at (708) 480-1439 for assistance in such a difficult situation.

The Loud Neighbor

Every neighborhood, of course, has at least one rude, annoying resident. We’ve all seen it: barking dogs, noisy music, wild parties, building projects, or whatever. And if you want to sell your house in Hobart, it needs to be discussed and dealt with before your open house and showings.

So, start by talking to your neighbor, but be strategic and plan your conversation at the most convenient time. If the noisy activity is happening, you should not contact your neighbor with a complaint about the noise. When you’re cooler and more in charge, pick a different and quieter time, and your neighbor will be more open to your suggestions and requests.

In fact, experts advise initiating such a discussion by apologizing for any noise you might have made that has annoyed your neighbor. You may discover that the issue is simply one of scheduling, in which case your neighbor might be able to make any improvements. The best policy here is non-aggression.

The Difficult Neighbor

So here comes the tough neighbor – the mad or abusive neighbor who will be the most difficult to sell your house in Hobart.

This sort of neighborhood is only a concern for you if the residents are disrespectful during your showings or open house. Otherwise, it has no effect on you as a home seller.

As a result, schedule your home-selling activities accordingly. If your neighbor is just noisy in the evenings, for example, plan your showings for earlier in the day. Simply do all you can to ensure that prospective buyers never come into contact with this neighbor.

Legal Action: The Last Resort

Dealing with bad neighbors can lead to legal action, which may be your only choice for selling your home in Hobart. However, it can only be used as a last resort.

So, if talking and other approaches have failed, here is what you can do to ensure success. “If you’re going to court, it’s a good idea to record the issue. Keep track of the dates and subjects you discussed with your neighbor. Take pictures of any harm or problems, please don’t go into your neighbor’s yard.”

Rely on Your Hobart Agent

When selling a home in Hobart, there are a range of choices for dealing with bad neighbors. And the rest of them are as plain as interacting with the thorny neighbor (s). But there are moments when it isn’t enough. That’s where your Hobart agent comes in, and they will help you avoid going to court.

So, if you’re selling your home in Hobart and you’re having problems with your neighbors, call us today at Hobart to find out what you should do we will assist you at World Class HomeBuyers.

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